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  • Custom website design (up to 5 pages) 
    & 1 Round of design revisions

  • Copy-writing & Stock images

  • 12 month domain

  • Mobile / Tablet functionality

  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

  • Tailored payment plan (if required)

  • Climate Council contribution 

$1,500.00 flat rate*

Credit card / EFT payments accepted

*Brand assets, and business brand photography (if required) to be provided by client. Refer to EXTRAS for additional offerings outside of web me package. 


  • All "Web me" package inclusions

  • Brand kit: Logo design & font package

$2,250.00 flat rate*

Credit card / EFT payments accepted

*Business brand photography (if required) to be provided by client. Refer to EXTRAS for additional offerings outside of  web me / brand me package. 


  • Additional site pages

  • E-commerce pages & process training

  • Booking pages & process training

  • Business brand photography
    (via our photography partner Kate Enno Photography)

  • Custom email address

  • Site maintenance retainers

  • Basic site maintenance training

Prices on discussion

The average cost of a templated website design is upwards of $3,000

I know right - this just isn't feasible for small businesses, but these days you NEED a digital presence to survive.  How intimidating is the world of web design if you don't know much about how simple it can be. That's why I'm here - little old me and my laptop - I'll keep it simple, well designed and price capped. Just because I'm half the price doesn't mean I'm half as good!

94% of first impressions relate to your site’s web design

First impressions are critical for return business! Would you return to a cafe if they served your coffee in a mug with lipstick on it, even if they replaced it on mention? Probs not. People will come back if your digital presence is appealing, relevant to your demographic and user friendly from the start. 

75% of website credibility comes from design

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT - People are shallow these days - When someone finds your website, you want them to see that you are legitimate and even kind of cool. A poorly designed  website can make you look illegitimate & not worth their time. Most other web design businesses will use boring old non custom templates. I won't!

I can help add a digital edge to your brand building a stronger digital presence for your business.

74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile friendly site

Everyone is different - but I am easily googling businesses on my phone far more than I am from my laptop. If I drive past a cute homewares shop, I'll jump on my phone when I stop and check them out. If I'm arguing with my husband on the couch about where to go for brunch in the morning, I'll pick up my phone and google some suggestions - I don't pick up my laptop for these fly by fly moments in the day. 

This is why a mobile friendly site is included in our "Web Me" package. It really is a must, and quite often - it will cost you a bunch more to have this as part of your web package - NUH UH, I wont charge you extra for that one!